Why Does Chrome App Take Up So Much Space?

Why is my Google Chrome taking up so much storage?

Either this is an error due to age or use, or code has gone rogue and is not cleaning itself up properly.

Either way, Clearing Data or restoring Chrome to Factory Settings before reinstalling updates should resolve the storage issue..

How much space should Google Chrome take up?

Google’s support website provides up-to-date system requirements for current versions of the browser. Chrome version 23, recommends a minimum of 100MB free hard disk space for optimal performance for Windows, Mac or Linux installations. In comparison, Mozilla recommends 200MB of free hard disk space for Firefox 15.

How can I make Chrome use less memory?

Reduce Chrome high memory usage & make it use less RAMClose Unused Tabs.Run a Malware Scan.Enable Hardware Acceleration.Remove conflicting browser Extensions.Creating a new User Profile for Google Chrome.Disable the Site Isolation feature.Turn on Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.More items…•

What happens if I clear data on Chrome App?

Delete your browsing data If you sync a type of data, deleting it on your Android device will delete it everywhere it’s synced. It’ll be removed from other devices and your Google Account. Settings. Clear browsing data.