What Is The Adjective Of Crime?

Is day an adjective or noun?

days (adverb) day–to–day (adjective) day care (noun) day laborer (noun).

What is the verb of truth?

Verb. truth (third-person singular simple present truths, present participle truthing, simple past and past participle truthed)

Which kind of noun is love?

[In this sentence, the word love functions as an abstract noun because it is a thing that exists beyond the five senses.]

Is crime a noun or adjective?

noun. an action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited. criminal activity and those engaged in it: to fight crime.

Is faith a noun or verb?

The reason is simple: faith in English is always a noun, and never a verb. English readers may or may not grasp this consciously, but they know it in their linguistic hearts. Many English words can be nouns or verbs, with the exact same English spelling.

Is truth a noun?

noun, plural truths [troothz, trooths]. the true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth. conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.

What is the adjective form of faith?

Loyal; adhering firmly to person or cause. Having faith. Reliable; worthy of trust. Consistent with reality.

How do you describe someone’s faith?

Here are some adjectives for faith: perfect good, betrayal and bad, entire good, much abiding, complete, trusting, such, entire, unreasoning and uncritical, prevalent austrian, scrupulous good, doubtful and venal, lofty tranquil, ardent, charitable, cordial common, austere and difficult, juvenile good, implicit …

What is a adjective word list?

List of Adjective WordsADefiantHomelessAttractiveEagerJealousAverageEasyJitteryAwfulElatedJollyBElegantJoyous58 more rows

How do you describe daytime?

dayastronomical day.bright.dawn-to-dark.daylight.daytime.diurnal course.early bright.light.More items…

What kind of noun is speak?

Noun. Corporate speak; IT speak.

What is the adjective of day?

daytime. Pertaining to daytime; appropriate to the day. Happening during the day. Synonyms: day.

What is the adverb of crime?

adverb. /ˈkrɪmɪnəli/ /ˈkrɪmɪnəli/ ​according to the laws that deal with crime.

What is another word for Fury?

Some common synonyms of fury are anger, indignation, ire, rage, and wrath.

What is the adjective of fury?

adjective. full of fury, violent passion, or rage; extremely angry; enraged: He was furious about the accident.

What is the verb for Fury?

infuriate. To make furious or mad with anger; to enrage.

What is a fury slang?

a person, esp a woman, with a violent temper. See Furies. like fury informal violently; furiouslythey rode like fury.

What is another word for faith?

What is another word for faith?trustconfidencehopebeliefdependenceexpectationloyaltycommitmentdedicationfaithfulness78 more rows