Quick Answer: What Means Face?

How do you define face?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : the front part of the head that in humans extends from the forehead to the chin and includes the mouth, nose, cheeks, and eyes.

b : the face as a means of identification : countenance would know that face anywhere.

2 archaic : presence, sight..

Does body include face?

Face /fe s/ ɪ – The front part of the head where the eyes, nose, and mouth are, or the expression on this part. … Neck /nek/ – The part of the body between your head and your shoulders.

What does face stand for in medicine?

Fellow of the American College of EndocrinologyF.A.C.E. – Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology. F.A.C.E.P. – Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. F.A.C.G. – Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology.

What is called face?

The front of the human head is called the face. It includes several distinct areas, of which the main features are: The forehead, comprising the skin beneath the hairline, bordered laterally by the temples and inferiorly by eyebrows and ears.

What does facial mean in slang?

A personal care beauty treatment which involves cleansing and moisturizing of the human face. … (slang) A sex act of male ejaculation onto another person’s face. He gave his wife a creamy facial.

What is the meaning of face in music?

music To accept the unpleasant consequencesTo accept the unpleasant consequences, especially of one’s own actions.

What is Facr?

Abbreviation for Fellow of the American College of Radiology; Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology.

Why face to face communication is best?

Face-to-face communication is the distinction of being able to see the other party or parties in a conversation. It allows for a better exchange of information since both speaker and listener are able to see and interpret body language and facial expressions.

What is the full meaning of face?

Family and Community EngagementAcronym. Definition. FACE. Family and Community Engagement (various organizations)

What is face concern?

In recent works, face concern has been conceptualized as a multidimensional construct, under which individuals may emphasize concerns over self-face (concern for one’s own image), other- face (concern for other’s image), or mutual face (concern for each other’s image) in conflict situ- ations and communication contexts …

What is Face Threat?

A face-threatening act (FTA) is an act which challenges the face wants of an interlocutor. According to Brown and Levinson (1987 [1978]), face-threatening acts may threaten either the speaker’s face or the hearer’s face, and they may threaten either positive face or negative face.

Will face meaning?

to accept that something unpleasant is true and start to deal with the situation: I think he has to face the fact that she no longer loves him. let’s face it. used before you say something that is bad but true: Let’s face it, we are not going to win this game.

What is face in communication?

Ting-Toomey defines face as. the interaction between the degree of threats or considerations one party offers to another party, and the degree of claim for a sense of self-respect (or demand for respect toward one’s national image or cultural group) put forth by the other party in a given situation. ( 1990)

What’s another word for face?

What is another word for face?expressionlookcastguiseimpressionmienfacial expressionpresencevisagecharacter24 more rows

Why is the face so important?

Our face also plays a critical role in physical attractiveness. The face is one of our most important possessions. It has been called “the organ of emotion” and, indeed, the face provides vital clues to our own feelings and those of the people around us. … While the face is the “organ” of emotion, it is also much more.