Question: Can I Send SMS With Talktime In Jio?

Is there any SMS pack in Jio?

Send a text message instantly to anybody on the Jio network.

Recharge with the best free SMS pack in Karnataka, which is the STV_T20League_499 and costs only RS.

499.0 and get benefits of 9000 SMS..

How can I get free SMS pack in Jio?

recharge with 28/- to your jio number. you will get 7days validity and free sms 100 per day….U will need a plan sir.. … U will need a plan sir.. … U will need a plan sir.. … From now, UPCs will be valid for 4 days only.

Why SMS is not sending in Jio?

Learn how to fix Jio jio4gvoice app message SMS sending failed from your Android phone. Go to settings on your mobile phone. … In app info click on “Clear Cache” and “clear Data” to clear the app Cache and app storage data. Then go to apps home and select click Jio4GVoice to restart the application.

What is the SMS pack in Jio?

Here’s a list of Jio SMS Pack with price ranging from Rs. 19 to Rs. 10098. We have found 908 plans across 23 regions….Jio SMS Pack Recharge Plans List.Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)100 MB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack28 days75500 MB / Day Combo 4G Data Pack28 days1257 more rows

How many SMS can be sent at a time?

So by default, Android will check to make sure you haven’t sent more than 30 SMS messages to anyone within a span of 30 minutes. However, we can manually change both of these values (the number of messages and the time frame) so that we aren’t bothered by Android’s default SMS limit restrictions.

Why is SMS failing to send?

An often overlooked problem is an incorrectly set SMSC number. The SMSC is responsible for sending SMS messages from your device. … Because the other person’s SMSC is forwarding the messages directly to your SIM number. But your text messages fail to send, because your texts are not reaching your carrier’s SMSC.

How do I change my SMSC number?

Works on Android 9….Find and tap Phone default dialer app.If the dialpad does not appear, tap the dialpad icon.Type *#*#4636#*#*.Tap Phone information 1 or Phone information 2 (if your using dual SIM)Scroll down to SMSC.Enter the relevant SMSC number in the input field, then tap Update.

How do I send SMS to special number in Jio?

You can send SMS to premium Numbers like 56767, 139 etc for free from your mobile, no tricks included, just compose a message and send to the premium number.

Can talktime be used for SMS?

Subscribers will simply have to dial #141 from the prepaid mobile number and a pop up window will open with several options including share talktime, gift pack, ask for talktime and call me back SMS. All the user has to do is select an option based on the requirement.

Which recharge is best for Jio?

Reliance Jio Rs 129 Recharge Plan (affordable) Reliance Jio Rs 129 prepaid recharge pack is an affordable pack that offers 2GB data with 28 days of validity. The pack also offers unlimited on-net (Jio to Jio) calling, off-net (Jio to non-Jio) FUP of 1000 minutes, 300 SMS, and complimentary subscription to Jio apps.

How can I get SMS loan in Jio?

Note:Check You Main Balance to dial *333#.To receive the same via sms, you can text MBAL to 55333 which is toll free number. You won’t be charged for sending sms to that number.There is no USSD code to check data in Reliance jio.

How can I check my Jio SMS balance?

Another way to check your Jio balance is to send an SMS — MBAL to 55333. You will get an SMS on your number with your Jio balance details. It is a free service and you won’t be charged for the same.

What to do when SMS is not sending?

How to troubleshoot your Android if text messages won’t send. Here are four ways to troubleshoot your Android. … Restart your phone. Hold the Lock and Volume Down buttons. … Check for updates. Go to your Settings app. … Clear your Messages cache. Tap “CLEAR CACHE.” … Check your SIM card. Adjust your SIM card.

Why OTP is not coming in Jio?

Usually the sms like OTP from various apps are blocked on any network by the DnD service, i.e. Do Not Disturb service. Most probable chance is that DND is active on your number. … But if you are not receiving any messages on JIO, you can change your Short Message Service Center (SMSC) number for JIO to 1234.

Is SMS free on Jio?

JioChat users enjoy upto 100 free outgoing SMS messages per month, with a daily upper limit of 100 messages. Once you exhaust the free quota, you will have to wait till the quota is refilled for the following month. Currently, SMS can only be sent to Indian numbers.

How can I send free SMS?

This is how you can send SMS for free using this service: Go to the Way2sms website and create an account. You’ll be sent a password on your mobile phone and a verification email. You’ll need both to verify your account and start sending free text messages.

Can I recharge Rs 10 in Jio?

You will have the option to select a suitable IUC TOP-UP voucher starting at Rs 10, that can be used to make such non-Jio calls. … You also have the option to recharge with earlier packs for next 30 days by visiting All Jio to Jio calls continue to be FREE.